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11/20/2014 - Mississauga Earns Sixth First Place Award for Public Works Week

The Canadian Public Works Association (CPWA) announced today that the City of Mississauga has been selected to receive the highest award for their May, 2014 National Public Works Week (NPWW) celebration. This NPWW award marks the City of Mississauga’s sixth CPWA recognition.

The City of Mississauga’s 2014 NPWW celebration competed for the award with other municipalities in the “Large Metro Centre” category, who have city populations of over 250,000.

This year’s award will be presented by CPWA President, Kealy Dedman, P.Eng., MPA, during the November 24, 2014, City Council meeting at 8:30 a.m. in the Mississauga Civic Centre Council Chambers at 300 City Centre Drive.

Those accepting the NPWW award for the Mississauga Transportation and Works Department include:
Scott Holmes, Maintenance Project Manager
Bruno DiMichele, Assistant Area Supervisor
Donna Waters, Development Area Supervisor
Mike Russo, Development Construction Technician
Marco Ricci, Maintenance Standards Technician
Jaak Todhunter, Party Chief
Zvonimir Miller, Traffic Signals Technologist
Christopher Grant, IT Specialist
Michelle Charbonneau, Environmental Services Specialist
Jeff Smylie, Environmental & Drainage Engineer
Kimberly Hicks, Communications Advisor

National Public Works Week annually recognizes the tens of thousands of men and women in North America who provide and maintain the infrastructure and services collectively known as public works. In May of each year, municipalities throughout Canada celebrate National Public Works Week.

Mississauga’s 2014 theme for NPWW was “Building for Today, Planning for Tomorrow,” which was included in their NPWW celebration promotional materials, including posters, and hand-outs. Other promotions were posted on the city’s web banner on their home page at www.mississauga.ca, an online listing in the city’s community events calendar, intranet site, as well as on the digital signs throughout the city.

NPWW participants learned about Engineering and Public Works operations through public tours, and staff presentations, as well as displays of public works equipment and services. Hundreds of elementary school children participated in a tour of the City Centre Transit Terminal to learn more about transit enforcement's role at the station. The tour featured a display of the traffic control map, traffic operations technology, transit enforcement response, and also highlighted the city’s crossing guard program for school children.

“National Public Works Week is one of the best ways to communicate to the public and area children about the importance of the Transportation and Works Department,” said Mississauga Transportation and Works Commissioner, Martin Powell, P.Eng. “The tours, presentations and displays inform students about the types of careers that are part of the public works profession. This is a good opportunity for public works staff to interact with the future workforce, and is an important aspect of our National Public Works Week campaign,” added Powell.

“This year, the City of Mississauga had exemplary staff involvement during their National Public Works Week events and activities,” said CPWA President, Kealy Dedman, P.Eng, MPA. “In addition to their celebration and public tours, the department also conducted “Family Fun Day” in the Mississauga Celebration Square with featured displays, heavy machinery and equipment exhibits, and entertainment features that engaged the participants. And, during ‘Family Fun Day,’ the city introdudced a new Mississauga Roads App mobile application that delivers real-time road information to the public on their smartphone or tablets,” Dedman said.

11/19/2014 - Canadian Infrastructure Report Card Survey Underway

CPWA is a partner on the Canadian Infrastructure Report Card (CIRC) project and an update for 2015 is now underway. We need your help to assure all municipalities complete an important survey that is now live.

All municipalities have been asked to respond to the second edition of the CIRC survey. This year, in an effort to receive the highest response rate possible, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) distributed the survey to the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of each city with the suggestion that they designate a survey coordinator for their response.

If you have not heard from your city’s CAO about the survey, we encourage you to contact his/her office and inquire about its status. Please assist us in encouraging the survey be sent to the appropriate department/person in your city so that we will have the best and most complete data available. The survey is important for determining municipal investment needs and asset management practices across the country. You can contribute by encouraging your municipality to participate.

Information and resources are available on the documents below. The deadline for responses has been extended to January 16, 2015. If you have questions, please email info@canadainfrastructure.ca.

Thanks for your attention to this important project. CPWA remains committed to being the voice of public works in Canada.

Peter B. King
Executive Director

- CIRC Survey Resources - English   ( CIRC Survey Update - English.docx )
11/18/2014 - District of Squamish To Receive National Public Works Week Award

The District of Squamish, B.C. was recently selected for the second consecutive year to receive the national award for their May, 2014 National Public Works Week (NPWW) Community Celebration. The Squamish Operations Department won the Canadian Public Works Association’s (CPWA) National Public Works Week Contest’s First Place award in the “Small Centre” category of municipalities with population less than 75,000.

The CPWA award will be presented to the Squamish Operations Department by CPWA National Public Works Week Committee member Murray Steer, of the City of Vancouver, BC, during the District of Squamish Council Meeting on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 6:00 p.m., Town Hall, 37955 Second Avenue, Squamish, B.C., V8B 0A3.

The District of Squamish will also be presented the Public Works Association of British Columbia’s Community Celebration Award by the BC Chapter Executive Director, Jeannette Austin. Both awards will be presented on November 18th at the Council Meeting.

“Squamish’s Celebration of National Public Works Week events and activities included the dedication and work of the public works staff, who prepared and hosted the event, to showcase the people and services that deliver essential services to the community,” said CPWA President Kealy Dedman, P.Eng., MPA, who is the City of Guelph General Manager - Engineering in Ontario, Canada. “Their public outreach of Public Works Week included a media campaign on the District webpage, in newspapers, and on the Facebook page. The Squamish National Public Works Week provided a unique opportunity for the public and students to meet ‘face to face’ with public works professionals who provide the services and work in the public interest to build, maintain, manage and operate essential infrastructure,” said Dedman.

For the NPWW event, the District of Squamish invited fourth grade students to attend an educational Open House that included the public works staff, who were guiding or manning the 11 educational stations representing the diverse public works areas of crews, water, wastewater collection and treatment, roads and parks, horticulture and SCADA. Afterwards, Council members, the public and staff from other departments went on an educational tour to find out about more about what public works does. Each child on the tour received a water conservation activity book and public works activity book.

“Along with the Acting Mayor attending Public Works Day and conducting a ribbon cutting ceremony, the Council proclaimed Public Works Week in a regular meeting of council, which involved the District’s political leaders,” said Steer. “National Public Works Week showcased the people and services of the Operations Department that deliver a highly livable quality of life in our community,” he said. “It is important for the public and students to be exposed to public works as a career choice, which is also a significant aim of the event. This event was another indication of the great teamwork that is shown in our department each day.”

For more information about CPWA/APWA, or the National Public Works Week program, please visit the website at www.apwa.net, or contact Laura Bynum, Media Relations and Communications Manager, via email at lbynum@apwa.net, or phone at 202.218.6736.

10/3/2014 - New Asset Management Primer to Serve as Resource

The Canadian Public Works Association (CPWA) applauds the release today of the new “Asset Management (AM) Primer” to assist communities in learning more about asset management for assessment of municipal infrastructure. The Asset Management Primer includes an outline for asset management and recommendations for municipalities to also implement asset management. The AM Primer was developed by the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) in support of the Canadian Infrastructure Report Card (CIRC), and can be accessed on the CIRC website: www.canadainfrastructure.ca

“While gathering data to compile the 2012 CIRC, it became apparent that many municipalities lacked critical information on their current assets, as well as the condition of those assets,” said Canadian Public Works Association (CPWA) President Kealy Dedman, P. Eng., City of Guelph, Ontario, and CIRC Advisory Board member. “There is much work to do in providing the information, training, and implementation to make asset management standard practice across Canada.”

CPWA’s representative to the CIRC Steering Committee, Steve Wyton, P. Eng., City of Calgary said, ”The new Asset Management (AM) Primer will serve as a useful tool for learning about and sharing the benefits of asset management. Generally, an asset management plan provides information on the current state of the infrastructure assets, the levels of service expected from the assets, planned actions to ensure the assets can meet those expectations, and financing strategies to implement those actions. This is critical information that then should be updated on a periodic basis.”

The 2012 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card was the first assessment of the nation’s municipal drinking water, wastewater collection and treatment, stormwater management, and municipal roads. Work on an updated Canadian Infrastructure Report Card that will include new categories of infrastructure is underway and expected to be released in 2015. Today’s release of the AM Primer was coordinated by the CIRC sponsors and the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) who developed the Primer in support of the Canadian Infrastructure Report Card.

Both the new AM Primer and the 2012 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card are collaborative efforts. CPWA is a founding sponsor organization for the 2012 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card, in cooperation with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Canadian Construction Association, and the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering.

For questions about Asset Management, or for help in advancing the practice in your organization, visit the CNAM Website (www.cnam.ca.) For more information about the 2015 CIRC and the upcoming survey, you can contact: info@canadainfrastructure.ca. For media information about CPWA, contact Laura Bynum at lbynum@apwa.net, or by phone at 202.218.6736.

- Report Card for Infrastructure Website   ( http://www.canadainfrastructure.ca )
10/1/2014 - CPWA House Finance Comte Prebudget Submission for the 2015 Budget

House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance Makes Pre-Budget Consultation Submissions Public -- CPWA Submission Attached

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance launched its pre-budget consultation process on June 6, 2014. The prebudget consultation process allows all Canadians including organizations like CPWA to make suggestions to considered by the Minister of Finance in the development of the 2015 federal budget. A report on the 2014 consultations will be compiled and will be tabled in the House of Commons prior to the December 2014 parliamentary adjournment.

CPWA’s recommendations to the Government for the Budget 2015 included capacity building in the areas of asset management and sustainability for infrastructure. Our recommendations are outlined in the attached submission.

This fall, the Committee will invite specific groups and individuals to appear as witnesses during the pre-budget hearings. The focus of written submissions and the panels this fall will be on six key themes. The themes for the 2014 pre-budget consultations are the following:

o Balancing the federal budget to ensure fiscal sustainability and economic growth

o Supporting families and helping vulnerable Canadians by focusing on health, education and training

o Increasing the competitiveness of Canadian businesses through research, development, innovation and commercialization

o Ensuring prosperous and secure communities, including through support for infrastructure

o Improving Canada’s taxation and regulatory regimes

o Maximizing the number and types of jobs for Canadians.

For more information, contact: Gail Clark, CPWA Staff, gclark@apwa.net

- CPWA Prebudget Submission   ( CPWA Pre-Budget Submission to House Finance Cttee (f08-06-14).pdf )
9/1/2014 - Annual Conference of Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships

About the CCPPP Annual National Conference
P3 - Delivering our Infrastructure Legacy

The Annual CCPPP National Conference is now recognized as the premier event on public-private partnerships (P3) in the world. It began in 1992 and has since grown to include over 1,200 senior public and private sector participants, making it the largest annual gathering of P3 decision-makers.

In response to the P3 2013 survey, 96% of delegates and speakers said that the conference met their goals and 91% indicated that they would recommend the conference to others.


This “must-attend” annual P3 event attracts a wide range of participants from the public sector at the municipal, provincial/territorial and federal levels across Canada as well as aboriginal communities. The private sector delegates at the conference represent a cross-section of P3-related professions, including law, finance, construction, engineering, project management, architecture, consulting, communications, real estate development and building services. There are also a number of attendees from other countries looking for Canadian opportunities or best practices.

Conference Sessions & Formats

The sessions at the conference include engaging discussions on a diversity of P3 projects, issues and best practices from Canada and other countries. Along with reflecting the areas of P3-related expertise, conference panels also touch on a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, transportation, transit, water/wastewater, justice & corrections, social housing, education, energy, and government service delivery. At the end of the two days, participants leave with a solid grasp of current issues and innovative ideas on how to take their P3 projects to the next level.

The Annual CCPPP National Conference is now recognized as the premier event on public-private partnerships (P3) in the world. It began in 1992 and has since grown to include over 1,200 senior public and private sector participants, making it the largest annual gathering of P3 decision-makers.

Name: P3 - Delivering our Infrastructure Legacy
Where: Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
When: November 3 and 4, 2014
Organization: Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships
Website: http://www.p3-2014.ca/Register-Now
Contact: partners@pppcouncil.ca
Phone: 1-416-861-0500

- P3 Conference - CCPPP - Link   ( http://http://www.p3-2014.ca/Home )
8/28/2014 - CPWA Elects City of Guelph's Kealy Dedman, P. Eng., as President

OTTAWA, ONTARIO (August 28, 2014) --The Canadian Public Works Association (CPWA) Board of Directors has unanimously elected City of Guelph’s City Engineer Kealy Dedman, P Eng., to serve as President of CPWA for a two-year term (August 2014 – August 2016). CPWA serves as the voice of public works in Canada and its 2,200 members represent all aspects of public works across Canada.

In the President’s role, Ms. Dedman will represent CPWA and its members on national public works and infrastructure issues with the Government in Ottawa and will work collaboratively with other stakeholder groups on issues of national concern. She will lead an eight-member Board of Directors that represents CPWA Chapters and their members throughout the provinces.

Ms. Dedman is currently the General Manager, Engineering Services/City Engineer for the City of Guelph, and has previously served as Director of Engineering Services for the City of Cambridge. She also has held engineering positions with the City of Mississauga in Ontario, and started her career as a water resources engineer with Phillips Engineering in Burlington in 1997. In addition to her civil engineering credentials, she also recently earned a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Western Ontario (2014), and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology.

APWA/CPWA Executive Director Peter B. King said, “CPWA is very pleased to have a leader of Ms. Dedman’s caliber take the reins during a very important time for infrastructure and public works in Canada. She has a winning combination of knowledge and leadership abilities that will serve CPWA and public works outreach and advocacy very well. We are both pleased and fortunate to have her as “the voice of public works.”

Ms. Dedman has served as a member of the CPWA Board of Directors representing the Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA) since 2011. Prior to her involvement on the CPWA Board of Directors, she served in many officer roles for the Ontario Public Works Association, including serving as OPWA President in 2011. Her involvement with OPWA continues and she recently served on the OPWA Host Committee for the APWA International Congress and Exhibition held in Toronto August 17 - August 20, 2015.

“Congratulations to Guelph’s city engineer, Kealy Dedman, on being elected President of the Canadian Public Works Association. Kealy’s leadership, expertise, and passion for public works are greatly valued by the City of Guelph. As President of the CPWA, Kealy will make a difference on the national level as well,” said Guelph’s Mayor Karen Farbridge.

A copy of the official press release is linked:

- CPWA Press Release - August 28, 2014   ( CPWA Elects City of Guelph's Kealy Dedman as President.FNL3.pdf )