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APWA's Canadian Chapters engage in educational, networking and public service activities close to home -- where members can easily take advantage of them. Chapters offer members the opportunity to attend annual conferences, educational programs, equipment shows, snow conferences, rodeos and social events, as well as the chance to network with their colleagues and peers in a professional setting.  Some Chapters also have awards and scholarship programs.

APWA's eight Chapters in Canada join the 55 Chapters in the United States on APWA's Council of Chapters to collaborate on best practices, education, membership and other issues.

More information about APWA Chapters in Canada can be found using the links provided below.

Canadian ProvincesCanadian Chapters (by province)

British Columbia
New Brunswick (part of Atlantic Provinces Chapter)
Northwest Territories (part of Alberta Chapter)
Nova Scotia (part of Atlantic Provinces Chapter)
Nunavut (part of Manitoba Chapter)
Prince Edward Island (part of Atlantic Provinces Chapter)
Yukon Territory (part of British Columbia Chapter)

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